Today I was traveling home from Spain to Norway. I decided to get some magazines because I did not feel like starting a new book. So there I went, into the store and picked up two magazines, flipped through them quickly and bought them. They where Cosmopolitan (UK Edition, July 2012) and Company (also UK, July 2012). I immediately fell in love with the one I mentioned last and well, in the blog title. Not only was it different from the other magazines I have been buying lately by using a different kind of paper for its pages, it also contained articles that I actually enjoyed.

The articles and text in this magazine was built exactly how I like them, short and with a purpose. I have to say that I feel like most of the articles you find in newspapers or other magazines are dull and focus on things that aren’t important. I never feel like I get the information I need, or learn what I thought I would be learning by reading the article. (I think my brain works differently from other peoples brains, because I have never managed to write a proper (boring) article for school papers…) These articles (or maybe I should call them texts?) where short, many made me laugh and they were writen in a personal kind of way. You felt like the writer where communicating with you instead of with someone utterly smart and ten times older than you.

The design was what first caught my eye and made me pick up the magazine in the first place. Nice colors, and twists (like using a different kind of paper). The fonts were not your typical A4 straight lined, Arial or Calibri like font. They used more script like fonts, that looked hand written. I always love things that stand out, and this one really did. It looks like the person in charge of designs had fun rather than put everything aligned, like what most people think a magazine should look like. Colorful highlighter behind important sentences, script alike fonts in the headers, creative positioning of pictures and titles. J’adore.

Another thing I loved about the magazine was its content. You have everything from fashion and must have pieces to celeb interviews (Andrew Garfield = yes, please!) There area lot of mentioning towards the web, different blogs, websites and aps. A section about the life of young people or life in general named the generation. You also have the music edition (say hello to Paloma Faith, my new music crush) and a part about beauty. So to sum it up, fashon, lifestyles, hot guys, re-invention, beauty and music.

Final sum up, great writing, epic design and relevant topics. Me gusta, mucho. I really want to get my hands on the next issues of this magazine to see if the rest is as good as this one. The only thing that can be a bit tricky is to get your hands on a UK magazine in Norway. But If I can locate it it will probably be worth the extra bucks they expect you to pay for a couple of pages of printed paper (Norway = pricey).

number of pages: 170, editor: Victoria White, web: