to do or not to do

I have a problem with deciding. The problem involves everything, from choosing small matters like what book should I read to the big one: What should I do with my life?

I always think up ideas, but when it comes up to it: should I do it or not? I always have a hard time deciding. Most often I fall back to doing whatever I’ve always done. It is not that I am afraid of changes it is just that I like having control and knowing what is going to happen. Therefor have a problem deciding something that would make a change in my life, because I do not know the consequences. The small things on the other hand I do not know why I never can make a decision about that. Probably because I am to lazy, but it still bugs me.

What to do? I guess I just have to do more of what I think of doing. I have to say yes, instead of maybe. (Like I said yes to cleaning my dead grandfather’s house and now it is taking me forever to get to it.) I also have to believe that I can do it, and I don’t know, believe in myself and that I can do it. Change is good, and I have to make decisions.

(an old photoshop file I found, I do not know when it’s from. My friend in one of my pictures.)

So help me? What book should I read? Insurgent (second book in a dystopian series), Nightshade (something about werewolves) or Percy Jackson and the Titan’s Curse ( third book in the series).

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  1. Milla said:

    eg anbefale ambraham lincoln -vampire hunter, det e ein fabelaktig bok! dei du har skreve om har eg ikje hørt om 😉

    / ein athen tur hørres jo ekstremt spennanes ut da! kos deg masse! så får me håpa at eg vinne konkurransen så eg får festivalblogga litt 😉

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