So this week Comic Con is going on in San Diego. I want to be there so bad, it looks a lot of fun. Too bad I am stuck here in Norway. Looking at all the great pictures and seeing the panels is a lot of fun though. Still the best thing has to be the cosplay. There are so many amazing cosplays and I feel so inspired so I wanted to make a list of cosplays I would love to make

001 – Artemis from Young Justice
She is a bad ass and a hero. She stands up for herself, confident in herself, a gymnast and an epic archer. Latex, utility belts and a lot of blonde hair, why not?

002 – Korra from Legend of Korra.
She is the new Avatar, kicking ass and bending everyone. She is confident, loud and fun. It is hard not to love this girl. Her water tribe hairstyle is so much fun, and I love her baggy pants and fur thingy.

003 – Belle from Once Upon A Time
She is such a kind character and brave. I fell in love with here immediately. Her dresses are always amazing and I would love to have both the yellow and the blue one, and there is that amazing cape she wears while outside. Yes!

004 – Snow from Once Upon A Time
The character is cool and stands up for herself and everything, but I’m not the biggest fan. I still love her costumes so much, the hunting/ living-in-the-woods one has to be my favorite.

005 – Katniss from the Hunger Games
Why not?

006 – Annabeth from Percy Jackson
A true greek hero. To bad the movie never did her justice, I hope the next one will be better.

007 – Evil Queen form Once Upon A Time
She is badass, and she has the best costumes ever!
evil queen

008 – Raven from Teen Titans
She is so cool. I always wanted to be her as a kid. Her or Beast Boy or Robin ❤

009 – Arya Stark from Game of Thrones
Yeah she is young, but she (and Daenerys) are the only cool girls in the series. She’ is like a mini hero badass cool person.

010 – Merinda from Brave
Ok, so I haven’t even seen the movie but she looks so cool with her red hair and mideval dress. And then there is the bow, that is coool. Like artemis-katniss cool.

011 – Astrid from How To Train Your Dragon
I had a teacher named Astrid once, she wasn’t this cool. So yeah, going with the theme. Bad ass, check. Hold her own with a monster, check. Awesome costume, check.

012 – Mystique from The X-Men
How could I forget about her? She is blue!

013 Elizabeth Swann from Pirates Of The Caribean.
Pirte? Ahy-ahy.
elisabeth swann

014 – Lara Croft from Tomb Raider
These comments are getting worse and worse. But well, she has some guns. For arms and, well in her hands. Tzz
lara croft


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