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I have always had a weak spot for superheroes. Who does not? They are ordinary people who turn into crime fighting badasses by night. People with extraordinary abilities or powers. Oh, and let’s not forget the awesome costumes, because they are epic. Superheroes has always given a hope to those who are a little different or who feel like they are on the outside. People sympathize with the characters who has had a though life and are making the best of it by saving the world. Now thanks to movies those characters come to live and give even more kids out there hope that they also can be special. They don not directly tell you that you have to become a super hero but that you can do anything you set your mind to.

Growing up I never read a lot of comics, but rather played a lot of video games and watched a cartoons. That is how I got into superheroes in the first place, through TV. Even now, at age 18 I find myself watching new DC series like “Young Justise”, a show that focuses on the sidekicks of famous superheroes. There are so many different characters to get to know, fall in love with, look up to or just hate. I love learning about the different characters from DC universe (Batman, Superman, Justice League) and Marvel (X-men, Spider-Man, Avengers). There is always new facts to pick up and thousands of story lines to follow. The fact that it has been around for such a long time makes sure there is always something new and exciting going on. With the characters being imaginary and well, super, opens up a world of opportunities for a great story.

Lately it has become a trend to turn comic books into real life film adaptions, rather than focusing on shiny vampires. This suits me perfectly. I enjoy seeing how the characters come to life. It is easier to sympathies with a character that’s a live rather than one made out of lines (I love those too btw). The costumes they make out of latex are just incredible. Can you imagine wearing one of those costumes? Seeing the special effects like flying, explosions or other superpowers come to life is unbelievable. To see people on the screen flying is the closest you’ will get to your childhood dreams (at least for a couple of years). This along with the grace and awesome fighting the characters do is what makes the movies so incredibly great.

I do not see myself as some sort of superhero expert or movie expert, and I have not seen many old superhero movies, but I do admire those I have seen. Mostly I have seen movies made after year 2000, such as the Spider-Man movies, the movies with Christian Bale playing Batman, the X-men movies and a lot more of the new ones. My top three favorites has to be:

  1. Avengers (Marvel). Directed by Joss Wheldon who has to be a superhero himself. The movie was brilliant. It had comedy, action, a great plot and great characters. Everything from the dialogue to special effects worked amazingly well together.
  2. Batman Begins (DC Universe). Man did Christian Bane do a great job as batman, and Christopher Nolan an epic job of directing. I could not take my of the screen. The story, the villains, the gadgets. Even though the movie was pretty dark, it still gave you hope. All I could say when I finished this was WOW.
  3. X-men: First Class (Marvel). Directed by Matthew Vaughn. This is about how the X-men originated and shows how Erik/Magneto and Xavier met. I know parts of the story does not match with the comic books but I still find it great. The plot is great and I love the actors. Everyone did an amazing job.

I also want to mention the two new movies that are coming out this summer. The Amazing Spider-Man, a Marvel movie staring Andrew Garfield as the hero and Emma Stone as his love interest. The movie is directed by Marc Webb. I am fairly excited about this one, it will tell the story of Peter Parkers life in high school and him becoming Spider-Man. It is independent from the previous three Spider-Man movies. The actors are great, and known for being funny so let us hope for some comedy relief in-between the intense scenes. The Dark Knight Rises, the third installment in the movies directed by Christopher Nolan and has Christian Bale playing Batman. I do not know much about this one except for that it will have some mayor, and famous villains like Bane. The movie will also be independent from the previous two, and you don’t need to have seen any of the others to follow the plot.


(oh, this went on longer than I intended to. Guess I’ve stated my point, I love superheroes.)
Do you like superheroes? What way did get into/ learn about them, movies, TV, games, comics or other? Do you prefer Marvel or DC? Oh, and who is your favorite? (I think mine is Batman)


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